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We are a family of six living in beautiful Cowichan Valley on southern Vancouver Island. With the help of volunteers from all over the world we are working on realizing our vision: to transform a former barn into a multipurpose event location with the help of international volunteers. Inspired by the surrounding nature, our passion for crafting and a sense of community, we are creating a cozy venue that many guests will feel comfortable in. Started in 2017, this place is constantly developing. A few years from now we will hopefully be able to have weddings, retreats, and other unforgettable events taking place in our beautiful multipurpose venue. 

That’s what we need your support for. Help us creating our dream by volunteering on Vancouver Island, join us in developing a unique place!

Jorden, Kayla, Jacob, Alivia, Julia & Mindy

That's what
we do


Building, Crafting, Painting, Gardening, Harvesting - to make our Dream come true!


Swimming, Riding a Boat, Hiking, Playing, Eating - whatever is fun, we're in!


Goats, Chickens, Turkeys, Bunnies, two Cats and a Dog

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Create a space to be!

At our core, we envision transforming our property into a radiant wedding venue; however, it’s more than just bricks and mortar – it’s about nurturing a vibrant community united by shared passions and purpose. Our goal extends far beyond physical space; it’s about creating a welcoming haven where global volunteers form meaningful connections and contribute their unique skills. We firmly believe in the joy of volunteering on Vancouver Island, the beauty of collaboration, and the transformative power of collective efforts. Together, we forge unforgettable moments, wholeheartedly embracing the spirit of togetherness and leaving an indelible mark on our enchanting project. So, why wait? Join us in Duncan, BC, and become an integral part of this extraordinary journey today.

What our community says

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"Jorden and Kayla are incredibly kind and helpful, their hospitality made me feel right at home. The property offers opportunities for creative expression and learning new skills. I had the chance to try my hand at diverse tasks, which made the work exciting and fulfilling. Here you can explore, grow and create lasting memories!"

Girl picking blackberries and smiling at camera


"I stayed with Jorden and Kayla for 2 months. It was a pleasure to prepare meals for everyone and I found immense joy in spending time with the children, their energy and enthusiasm were contagious. The heartwarming family life and strong sense of community made it feel like a home far away from home."

Stefan who is sitting in a car


"I am staying long-term with Jorden and Kayla. Over the years, I have become a part of this wonderful family, and that sense of belonging fills me with happiness. The constant challenges have helped me grow personally and professionally and the balance between work and leisure is just right. Being here is a life-changing experience!"

Portrait volunteer girl in front of garden


"I spent a few weeks here and felt so at home with everyone. They are all so kind and welcoming. Jacob, Alivia, Julia and Mindy are incredibly smart, open-minded and fun to be around. I didn't want to leave this place; it's been such a wonderful experience that I will truly miss! And by the way: The nature around is astonishing, especially the river spots!"

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Stay updated about our latest progress on @rockandoakacres!

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